Who am I?

How do you summarise yourself without it becoming one of those ‘Who Am I?’ essays your teacher sets you in third grade?

I’m not a feminist…But I believe in respect/love/acceptance/willingness to understand/listen/hear/speak between people of gender/class/race…which makes me a feminist…but I don’t like ‘ists’ and ‘fem’ is so non inclusive…so that just leaves in…in here…in now…in the world.

I read but it’s never enough.

I write but it’s always missing something.

I talk but it’s just too quiet.

All I know is how to live life as a female, as an immigrant and as a person who would love to wake up tomorrow. This is what I want to share with you, to help and to learn.




My name is Annetta. Nice to meet you.

Prepare for the octothorpes…

#vegan, #feminist, #social justice activist, #reader, #Platharian, #human being



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